9-storey mid-rise located at 1111 Seymour St. plus one unique, 2-storey, detached townhome located at 1121 Seymour St (across the courtyard from the main development). There is also a 15-storey rental building being constructed at 1107 Seymour St. by the same developer. 

LEED Certified.
Expected Completion: Mid-late 2017
Two levels of underground parking (25 vehicle/52 bicycle stalls).
Developed by Wall Financial.
Architecture by Endall Elliot Associates.


Interior specs yet to be released from the developer. Please contact me, and I will update you when this information is released.


Not yet released (as of March 17th, 2017), please contact me, and I will update you when this information is released. Studios expected to start +$400,000, 


Known as New Yaletown, this area is experiencing some of the fastest development in the city. Other construction in New Yaletown includes Vancouver House (by Westbank and BIG), 8X On The Park (by Brenhill and Rennie), The Charleson (by Onni), Grosvenor Pacific, 498 Drake St. (also by Wall Financial). 
There are hundreds of excellent restaurants within walking distance.
Easy access to public transportation including the Canada Line (Yaletown-Roundhouse).
The building is adjacent to the International Film Centre and across from Emery Barnes Park.


Not yet released to the public. Five 2-bedroom condos, thirty 1-bedroom condos, four studios,  and one detached townhome.
8.5-9 ft. ceilings.



Wall Financial


Endall Elliot Associates

Development Application:


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