Cambie Corridor Condo Developments

Several sub-areas around Metro-Vancouver have a massive amount of new developments; my post today focuses on one these upcoming areas. This post will is the first in a series of posts focusing on areas of substantial condo development.

Queen Elizabeth Park

The developments near Queen Elizabeth Park (the area on Cambie between King Edward to 41st Ave) tend to be on the medium-high end. Most of these developments are 5 to 7 storey buildings with concrete construction. Nearly all of them have high-end furnishings and appliances. 1-bedroom condos usually go for 575k-750k, with 3-bedroom penthouse units going for 2-3.5m depending on the development. Recent presale developments include The Henry Cambie & King EdwardThe Contessa, Hawthorne, The Regent, and several others (that are already sold out). Few of these buildings have many amenities, besides from small fitness rooms, small playgrounds, and rooftop patio access.

Photo from Cambie & King Edward development (on sale soon).

Photo from Cambie & King Edward development (on sale soon).

Onni Development at 57th Ave - Cambie Gardens

Onni is one of the largest developers in Vancouver with a reputation for delivering beautiful buildings with high-end amenities. Other Onni projects underway/proposed in Vancouver include 1335 Howe St. and The Charleson.

Cambie Gardens is one of the largest developments currently planned for Metro-Vancouver. The area development will include a YMCA, market condos, and several rental apartments. Vancouver Coastal Health owns a large chunk of the land where the Pearson Centre and Dogwood Lodge are located. Once completed, this development should cover up to 10 hectares with buildings up to 28-storeys tall.

This development is still in it's planning phase, also checkout my blog post on Cambie Gardens - it will be updated regularly as more information becomes available

Proposed Additions to the Canada Line

Two proposed SkyTrain stations might get added to the Canada Line along the Cambie Corridor. One at 33rd/Cambie (right near Queen Elizabeth Park and Children's Hospital) and another at 57th/Cambie (the Onni development). At this current time, the 57th Ave station is looking extremely likely (and will be funded by Onni) though as far as I can tell, neither development is yet approved. The 33rd Ave Canada Line stop is far more unlikely than the 57th Ave Station. 

Translink's "2017-2026 Investment Plan: Phase One of the 10-Year Vision," did not list either station in the context of the plans. So both stations will rely on developers coming together to fund such projects.

More information on Canada Line Additions: